Alex Mendieta

A Businessmen and Philanthropist From Australia

A lifelong entrepreneur who is passionate about using his fortune to help people all over the world.


Years of
I'm an Entrepreneur

I am also A Dedicated Philanthropist Always Looking to Do More

Alejandro Mendieta Blanco aka Alex Mendieta is a Colombian-born self-made businessman who has dedicated his life to supporting disadvantaged people throughout the world through his philanthropy. Coming from humble beginnings, he never lost touch with giving back to the less fortunate. Alex holds close to his heart the needs of children living in third-world and developing countries, which is why he has decided to pledge to increase the amount he donates each year to charities across many different countries.

You are welcome to contact Alex and his team with any worthy causes you think will improve the lives of children. The most impactful causes will be chosen for funding throughout the year, and financial support will be given to them.


Life is all about giving


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I always strive to be as genuine as possible. Meeting new people and getting to know their stories, thoughts, and dreams is something I cherish and if doing so leads to forging deep friendships, I am all the richer for it.

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